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Small Assembly

Small Assembly Santa Rosa | R & D Machining Inc. - Small Assembly


When you need a company to perform assembly services on a small scale, call R & D Machining, Inc. at (707) 566-9491. We offer professional assembly services for small or large assembly projects. For individuals, small or home-based businesses, we offer complete turn-key assembly services. Compete in the marketplace by hiring R & D Machining, Inc. to assemble your components.

Select the Best

When you select R & D Machining, you select the best. With our shop, you will get:

- End to end service
We offer a design staff along with a fully equipped manufacturing facility. Our shop handles everything from concept to short runs of your final prototypes or products.

- Quality Control
We will provide you with thorough documentation and we use the best materials available for your product or prototype. Our quality control staff performs detailed checks on your final product or prototype, which is the main reason R & D Machining, Inc. is second to none.

Our staff is friendly, courteous, experienced and motivated. They will answer any questions you may have throughout the process. If you need special adaptations or a piece with unique requirements, you can rest assured that our shop will provide you with the product according to your specifications.

Assembly Services When You Need Them
R & D Machining, Inc. will perform your assembly job and have your pieces ready for distribution when you need them. For more information about our assembly services, call our shop at (707) 566-9491.

In addition to our assembly services we have a plastic, metal, and aluminum machinist on staff. R & D Machining, Inc. works hard to provide the highest quality machining services to all of our clients. Our services include concept design, CAD/CAM rendering, CNC prototyping, welding, fabrication, inspection, and quality control.

Our staff can work with you from concept to final manufacturing run. Call our shop at (707) 566-9491 to discuss your specific needs.